Frequently Asked Questions

Yes and No – You or someone assigned by you must be present at the time of pick-up and delivery to inspect the condition of the vehicle and sign the bill of lading.

Our preference is to work with a week's lead time, but we can look at your vehicle today if it's ready.

Please use the quote form to receive a quote for shipping your vehicle or call +971 4 238 8070 for vehicle transport specialist that can assist you with vehicle transport pricing. You must provide us with the appropriate information so that we can calculate your quote, including from and to where you are shipping, the type of vehicle you want to ship, and when you expect the vehicle to be ready.

Our basic liability coverage during transit is included in every shipment, while comprehensive insurance is available for a greater level of protection during transit. Please call us if you have any more questions about insurance options. You can choose your level of coverage during the booking process.

The most popular method of shipping cars is open-air transport. There are two common types of open-air carriers. Most moves are completed with large 8-10 car carriers. Smaller carriers that hold 2-3 cars are used for shorter, local moves. Since open-air carriers are more frequently used, there is typically more frequent availability for them. You should consider enclosed transportation methods when shipping classics, luxury cars, or exotics. It is always a good idea to book enclosed transport well in advance, as limited carrier availability means enclosed transport guarantees maximum protection from the elements.

Essentially, all we need is a vehicle and keys.

Yes, we have shipped dozens of vehicles from salvage and other types of auto auctions every week. Each auction has different requirements for vehicle release, so we will collect all necessary information when you book. You must ensure that the vehicle is paid in full and ready to be released from the auction.

The answer is yes - if your vehicle is oversized, an oversize transport service will be required. A larger vehicle occupies the same amount of space as both a midsize car and a minivan.

When you receive a price quote from us, there are a few factors we consider in order to provide you with an accurate figure. The distance between the origin and the destination, along with the type and condition of the vehicle being relocated, play a significant role in the overall cost of your relocation. Lastly, the date by which your vehicle will be ready for transportation is also a factor. There are also additional options, such as enclosed transport and top-load service, that can be added to your shipment at the time of booking to enhance your service.

No - Your quote includes all costs associated with transporting your vehicle, including pickup, delivery, insurance, and taxes.

From the very beginning of the transport process to the very end, our team keeps our customers up-to-date through texts or phone calls depending on their preferences. Our customers can also call, text, or email us anytime.

Our team can give you general updates by phone, email or text during business hours, but we do not offer real-time support.

Upon cancellation prior to booking the container, you will be refunded the booking deposit. Once the container has been booked, the booking deposit cannot be refunded.

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